Thursday, 7 May 2015

Colour at last?

Over the last 35 years due to an aversion to the ubiquitous black paint on decorative ironwork, I have experimented with a few finishes on forged metals. The most satisfactory to date had been my 'old lead' finish which combines excellent protection and a super matt, mottled grey appearance that I love.

Many examples can be seen at There are however situations where intense colour would be wholly appropriate, but I have struggled to find a sufficiently durable and lasting method of coloration. Until now.

I have discovered a method of applying vitreous enamel to stainless steel which opens up a whole new world of painterly effects. Enamel is essentially a layer of molten glass which has adhered to the metal. The glass is coloured by the addition of metal oxides. and fused to the metal by heat.

Below is a sample of enamelled copper.

Watch this space for further developments.. 

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